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Another invisible woman

That would be me, noticeably absent from this blog since August, when Kate started college. Turns out, Kate likes college, and is now a full time student and taking Russian, of all the bizarre things.

But the real question is, where have I been? Well, let’s see. I’ve been to Alecto’s house, with Kate a girlfriend in tow, introducing them to the Big City.

And I’ve been working, part time, for a local dot.com company…..writing blog posts. Aha! THAT’S why I’ve been absent from here. Because, after writing blog posts for someone else every day, I don’t really want to come here and do it for “fun”. Fortunately, my blogging job requires me to use this same blog platform so there was no real learning curve.

But next week that job changes. Less blogging, more marketing and customer service. I guess that’s a good thing. It means I do have something to offer besides my ability to compose blog posts given that the content is supplied by someone else and I just format it, add photos and slam it in. Now I have to start looking at web marketing (Facebook? Twitter? Perish the thought.)

And the week after that, it’s back to Cielo for a week.



Little girl lives in jeans, t-shirts (mostly black), mis-matched socks and fluorescent Converse sneakers. Recently she decided to change her hair color to something a bit more remarkable than mouse brown and decided auburn looked pretty good. So, off we go to Wallyworld, looking for auburn Miss Clairol or whatever. Turned out very nice.

Yesterday it was time for a touch-up. So we gathered up the hair-coloring paraphanalia and went to work. I had been watching “Out of Africa”, and when it was over “Enchanted” came on. Now, I’m not much interested in recent Disney movies, and this one had all the indications of being particularly annoying. But I needed LG to sit still and it fit the bill for that.

I got hooked.

As my blog title implies, I’m a sucker for a good Cinderella story.

Make that a Cinderella story. Good is gravy.

We finished the hair color job. Then we finished watching the movie. LG was totally engrossed in the movie.

I was totally engrossed in LG.

She’s beautiful. Sophisticated auburn, mouse brown…



What happens next?

Gee, I wish I knew.

Anybody wanna buy a house?

Hubby is working his hiney off….and will be receiving a 10% pay cut starting July 1.

Wubby gets a good lead on a job and discovers that you can get booted if you don’t follow through. Duh!

Baby girl doesn’t do her project, the teacher isn’t concerned, and even if she needed to go to summer school, there isn’t any because, now that we have the education lottery, there isn’t enough money to fund summer school.

Where can I find blueprints for building an ark? Wait…I know this one. Genesis.

What is the air speed velocity of an un-laden swallow? And before you ask, I don’t know if it’s African or European.

some e-mail humor

Last week I took out an ad in the local fish-wrap / bird-cage liner, er, hometown paper, to sell something. Did the whole thing online, and once everything was finalized I got a verification e-mail. Here it is:

This email is to acknowledge your recent order with the Winston Salem Journal & Journalnow.com.

Order Confirmation Number: 0001314835

Ad Type: CLS Liner

Order Price: $28.00

Ad Run Schedule(s):

14 day(s) beginning on 3/11/09 in

WSJ Winston-Salem Jn (Merchandise:Musical)

30 day(s) beginning on 3/11/09 in

WSJ ONLINE (Merchandise:Musical)

Thanks for choosing us as your adverister!


I assumed this was an auto-reply, but it didn’t say so anywhere, and I was feeling kind of snarky, so I replied to it:

“Thanks for choosing us as your adverister!”

Could you use a proofreader? I’m available.

And I forgot about it….until, this:


I don’t see a job posting for a proof reader but you can always check our website and look under Careers.

Thank you,


I came pretty close to falling out of my chair laughing. There was actually a person on the other end of that e-mail. Now I felt bad:

LOL–I was referring to “adverister” as opposed to advertiser!!

But thanks for the tip. I need to find a job and might be interested in working for the media.

This made my day! Thank you,

Seems it got a laugh out of her too:

Oh NO….I’ll definitely pass it along.

We’re also advertisers on a virtual job fair. On our website, if you hover over the Jobs link near top of our main page, you’ll see a link to the  Virtual Job Fair.

It made my day too!!!

Thanks so much!


Moral #1: It really doesn’t take much to make someone’s day, even when you aren’t really trying.

Moral #2: Doesn’t anyone know how to spell anymore?

It’s a zoo out there

…and in here too!

My brother Buddy the dog is here for a visit this week. He went shopping with me this morning and is the best companion ever. Not that I don’t love my two dawgs, Duffy and GiGi the Land Shark, but Buddy has much better car manners and is perfectly content to sit in the back seat and snooze, unless I go to a bank or pharmacy drive-thru at which time he requests a dog treat from the magic drawer.

So, for the moment we are home to 3 dog and 3 cats. They are fed twice a day, all at the same time so the dogs won’t eat the cat food and vice versa. And GiGi is very territorial and will bite anyone or anything that messes with her while she’s eating, so it’s better if they’re all involved with their own meals and not trying to steal hers.

Today is Wubby’s birthday. He’s 19. Hard for me to believe but there it is, undeniably true. He’s out this evening, took a friend to karate class and is job hunting until class is over, at which time he will take friend home. Community college seems to working out much better.

Little girl had her last exam today for 1st semester of 9th grade, so she’s off from school until next Wednesday. We went by the barn this afternoon to check on Natasha. It’s cold here, and getting colder by the second.

Finished the assignments early for the first chapter in Chemistry class and turned everything in, took my test. I think I could get used to online school. Now it’s time to finish up prep work for next week….I’m going to Cielo!!

Hoping that the house fairy will come and finish moving and storing and whatever so we can feel completely at home here and get the other house ready to lease or put on the market. Strangely enough the housing market around here is in relatively decent shape compared to the country at large, although I’m not sure why.

It feels like I’ve been living in an emotional zoo for over a month and the walls are closing in a little. Moving…not exactly fun, but not horrible either. Just draining, going through 20 years of our stuff, several years of my mom’s stuff; getting Wubby moved from Greensboro back over here, re-enrolled in college; trying to prepare for the work we’re doing next week in the Dominican Republic. No wonder my hair was so grey!

I’m giving myself permission to do absolutely nothing pressing for the rest of the evening. Instead, I’ll maybe sip a glass of wine and consume some birthday cake. Watch a movie. Just chill.

Buddy is feeling a bit stressed and is ready for his mommy to come home. He started shredding toilet paper all over the house this afternoon.

He’s probably had enough of the zoo, too.

Can someone trace this post and tell me where I live??

We are living in two separate worlds.

Actually it’s two separate houses, a mile apart. Most of the major necessities of life are at the other house, EXCEPT for our beds and the cable / phone / internet connection, which will move on Tuesday morning.

I’ve done some ill-advised things before, but moving during the holidays….what was I thinking????

Well, for one thing, Wubby would be home from college and I could enlist his help in loading and unloading boxes, etc. Then I remembered, Wubby lives the comic strip Zits. So much for that idea.

It’s December 14. Do we have a tree up? No. Have we done what little bit of shopping we plan to do? No. Christmas cards? Are you kidding…and besides, I got these nifty labels so all I have to do is make a spreadsheet of names and addresses, mail merge it and print mailing labels, plus print return address labels with the new address. Isn’t that a great idea? I thought so. Maybe I’ll get to it after the holidays.

I used to work with someone who loved Christmas so much, she would go shopping on December 26, buy bunches of decorations on sale, decorate her house some more, and have an after-Christmas party. That idea is looking really good too.

My piano is at the other house, as are the music cabinet and the music. I’m playing next Sunday and need to practice. Thought about it this afternoon, then opted for a nap here. We played three piano stuff this morning and it was fun. Three people, three pianos. Even better than the two piano, four pianists thing we did two weeks ago.

Anyway, we absolutely MUST get ourselves settled into one place this week. Or I’ll be settled in one place, behind the glass doors, staring aimlessly and drooling.

Alecto gave me this little writing assignment. Gotta read the story first, but I’ll throw something into the mix. Looks like fun.


So the local-yokel minor league baseball team is building a new stadium, which doesn’t make much sense to me because when I’ve been to lokal-yokel baseball games the old staduim had plenty of empty seats. But, whatever.

The old baseball team name was the Winston-Salem Warthogs. I think they were named warthog about the same time as the North Carolina Zoo acquired a couple of warthogs. The mascot’s name was Wally the Warthog, and he was darned cute. But all good things must come to an end, and so it is with Wally.

The new owner of the baseball team, who is also involved in the development of the new stadium, also owns a company that sells bottled water, Primo. He used to own Blue Rhino, a propane tank exchange / refill thing. He sold that company before he bought the baseball team. There was a contest to decide the new name for the baseball team, and there were several pretty good ideas. Since Wally was headed for extinction anyway, we thought that maybe we’d get the Rhinos and maybe Wally’s suit could be reused; just remove his tusks and add a rhino horn.

But we didn’t get a Rhino.

There were four choices. The losing three were:  Racers, Aviators, and Wall-Bangers.

Nascar is big around here, a major employer in the podunk town we live closest too, thus the Racers.

Piedmont Airlines was founded here, thus the Aviators.

Wall-Bangers? Not a clue.

So anyway, the new name was announced yesterday amid much to-do-ing. And here it is:



Yep, our new baseball team is named for the hyphen between Winston and Salem.

Can’t wait to see the mascot. The logo is a mean baseball. Go figure.

We had a few name choices around here that wouldn’t have made it into the naming contest, but we thought were appropriate none the less, given the owner’s new business: The Water Boys or the “Primo” Donnas (Dons?)


Major topic change:

The movers are coming tomorrow afternoon to move the heavy stuff from here to the other house, and we are totally unprepared. Procrastination to the nth degree.

Like I said up there, all good things must come to an end, and it’s time to move.

Is there a moving fairy?? If so, could someone send her our way, please? Like, NOW??