Thought I’d update my About page since you’re actually reading it.

You know those ice-breaker activities you do at seminars and workgroup meetings after each departmental reorganization? Here’s the last one I did:

Describe yourself in two words: Bookworm and basketcase.

Tell us one thing you’ve done that no one here would know: I set dynamite at a surface mining operation (aka “strip mine”) when I was 11 or 12, then jumped in the truck with my dad and raced down the mountain, stopped at a safe distance, and watched the place where I’d been standing explode. That was a GREAT thing to tell people in a work setting. I’ve handled dynamite and blasting caps; I’m not afraid of you.

So, about me: I caught up, and passed, 50 (can’t believe that, but oh well), a wife of 27+ years, married to my high school best friend and sweetheart, mom of a son, Wubby, and a daughter, Kate.

For almost twenty years I was employed as a mainframe programmer and systems analyst. But my passion has always been more artsy-fartsy….majored in music in college, piano performance. I no longer work outside the home due to, well, stuff. Not that I’d have a job since most jobs like mine have been phased out or outsourced to Indian, Russian and Chinese companies. (Three cheers for the global economy!)

Things I love: Family, faith, music, words, writing, books, the Dominican Republic, knowledge, knitting, cats, horses.

Things I live with: fibromyalgia, and it’s best friends-depression and fatigue.


3 responses to “About

  1. Hi Sweetie!

  2. I don’t recognize the first two women either. But I sure do recognize the third. Breathe, that’s an incredible smile you’ve got, the sun shines out of it.

  3. I have always thought about you over the years and so glad that we have reconnected even if it is through the computer. You and your family were a big part of my life when we were younger and I really do miss those days of sharing like we use to. I hope sometime soon we can get together and relive some of those wonderful years! Love ya!

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