More time on my hands

I have that, because last week I got “sidelined” from my job. By “sidelined” I think she means, “Go away.” Whatever.

So, on to other concerns. The big one is my knee. Right knee. Had surgery on it a few years back, maybe 2007? Anyway it’s not happy about the Mudderella training, to the point where the pain is constant. I am avoiding calling the doctor because I already know what he’s going to say: “Can’t fix that.” And, “You’re crazy if you think you’re doing a mud run in 2 months.” Mud walk?

Another one: Kate. Send happy thoughts her way. She’s having some trouble adjusting to having to deal with other people. We’re all introverts around here, but she’s really got a case of it.

But, August is coming and yes, we are the kind of people who go on vacation. I’ve heard that that means we aren’t living an authentic life. Three cheers for fake life. I’m looking forward to my fake life week at the beach with friends and family.

So sue me.

Did I mention I have an attitude problem? I “heart” my attitude problem.



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