More writing about nothing

I’m already finished with next weeks 8 blog posts for the crochet blog. I can’t publish them until the corresponding videos are uploaded to Youtube and edited and made public, and I don’t do that. So…I didn’t work much today.

I did have a couple of questions to answer, and I have to be polite when I answer questions. Someone on Youtube is upset because one of our videos didn’t show the entire process of crocheting a curtain, it just shows a sample. I don’t have the heart or guts to tell this person that, DUH, you don’t really want that video because it will be 48 HOURS LONG. You give people stuff for free and they whine about it. Sorry, not much sympathy here.

But I have to polite because I have a job title: Crochet Customer Service. Yep, I’m a CSR. That means I have to polite when people are snotty, like the 2 people on the blog that are complaining about the fact that we publish FREE ebooks that require Adobe Reader to open. I had to politely explain that Adobe Reader is an industry standard. And that they could find the free patterns on the store website and then print or save them from there. Hubby said I sounded like a helpdesk technician. Yep. That’s me.

So, we’re going camping on Thursday, Tropical Storm Arthur be damned. I think we’re far enough inland that, if Arthur decides to bother Hatteras, we will remain unaffected. Or we might be setting up a tent in the rain Thursday night. Doesn’t matter. We’re going camping.

And at some point we’re supposed to take a 4-mile hike on a trail called Fall Mountain, that is described as follows:

Fall Mountain Trail: A 4.1-mile (6.6 km) trail blazed with orange triangles, encompasses Fall Mountain in the park’s North Eastern region. It is a moderate climb up and then a steep descent down to Lake Tillery. From there, hikers walk the rest of the way along the shoreline. This trail once led to Fall’s Dam, but the trail’s path is constantly shifting due to erosion. Difficulty = Medium.

I walked 2 miles today on the shore of a local municipal lake. It was hot, but not too bad. I probably could have gone further, but coming off 2 weeks of bronchitis and other associated (or not) afflictions, I didn’t want to push things. I guess I’m going to have to push things A LOT to get up and down that mountain this weekend.

So I shall push things.


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