Another invisible woman

That would be me, noticeably absent from this blog since August, when Kate started college. Turns out, Kate likes college, and is now a full time student and taking Russian, of all the bizarre things.

But the real question is, where have I been? Well, let’s see. I’ve been to Alecto’s house, with Kate a girlfriend in tow, introducing them to the Big City.

And I’ve been working, part time, for a local company…..writing blog posts. Aha! THAT’S why I’ve been absent from here. Because, after writing blog posts for someone else every day, I don’t really want to come here and do it for “fun”. Fortunately, my blogging job requires me to use this same blog platform so there was no real learning curve.

But next week that job changes. Less blogging, more marketing and customer service. I guess that’s a good thing. It means I do have something to offer besides my ability to compose blog posts given that the content is supplied by someone else and I just format it, add photos and slam it in. Now I have to start looking at web marketing (Facebook? Twitter? Perish the thought.)

And the week after that, it’s back to Cielo for a week.


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