What was I saying?

Why, nothing actually.

And then, when I do have something to say and I get it all typed in here, the computer arbitrarily deletes it.

I hate computers.


I need to buy a new one, but I don’t want Windows 8 and I can’t afford a Mac. So I’ll just muddle on with this one.

This winter has been very, um, sucky? Yes, that’s the right word. Rain, rain and more rain. Between the mold allergies and the spring hay fever, I could buy stock in Benadryl. Nothing else works. I spent the winter in full hibernation mode. Much thanks to Alecto for getting he out of the house last weekend and for getting me out of my own head.

We went dancing in Floyd. I love Floyd. It’s quirky and old and full of contradictions. Hippy clothes for sale across the street from the Old Country Store, where the music is old and live every Friday night and Sunday afternoon. The Old Schoolhouse fabric shop that is the old Floyd school and is very much like the building that was the main schoolhouse where I met CG way back in 4th grade. And thank heavens for the Blue Ridge Restaurant and cheeseburgers and homemade coconut creme pie.

Contra dancing was putting me way outside my comfort zone, on multiple levels. That feeling lasted until about 5 seconds into the first dance. After that, it didn’t matter. All that did matter was the count and the music and remembering what to do next. And if I forgot, it was OK. I lived, none of my partners got injured, and my foot only got stepped on once. There are several contra dances in my area and I will be going to them, partner-less since spinning makes Hubby turn green and get very dizzy very fast.

I’m still addicted to glass breaking. I started getting low on certain colors of glass, so I put an ad on Craigslist looking for glass and supplies. I love Craigslist. A nice man from Greensboro called me and said he had several hundred pounds of glass, plus some tools, that he wanted to get ride of. I offered to drive over and take a look, but he said he was getting ready to move and would have to pull everything out anyway and how about if he just put it all in his truck and drove it to my house so I could look? He did, and I did, and I bought about $2000 worth of glass for $200. A week later he called and said he had found some more glass and he would just drop if off in my driveway. And he did.

Part of the weekend with Alecto involved a visit to my Dad’s grave. I took the first piece of glass I made, a red tulip made from one of Daddy’s patterns, and left it for him. A couple of days later I learned that my aunt had gone by the cemetery after we left, found the glass, and took it home. I’m glad she did.

It’s Saturday and there are things I should be doing. Think I’ll go break some glass.


2 responses to “What was I saying?

  1. ok, it’s been a few months and it’s time for you to write again. just say’in.

  2. Yeah, yeah, I know….sigh.

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