resting on the wings of time

There’s so much going on, I’m having a little trouble keeping up with it all.

Glass: I’m addicted to breaking glass. It’s been a little over 2 months since I started down this path. Every time I start another little project, it gets easier. Last week I picked up some additional glass and a custom built light box from someone on Craigslist. Now I’m looking for a newer grinder. The downstairs rumpus room is slowly being transformed into a proper working space for stained glass. EXCEPT for the carpet. The carpet has to go, eventually.

Job: I’m still driving patients to doctor and physical therapy appointments. About a month ago I started interviewing prospective drivers in addition to driving. In a way, I’m still channeling my dad here, too. Daddy was a salesman and had no problems with making cold calls. I’m making lukewarm calls, taking applications submitted online by prospective drivers, reviewing their qualifications, and calling each one of them, qualified or not. I like the fact that the company wants a personal contact made to EVERY applicant, not just the qualified ones. If an applicant meets the screening qualifications, I have a set of questions to present. Most everyone I’ve talked to has been  polite and personable, even the unqualified ones. I did have one person who wasnt’ qualified chew me out because he didn’t qualify. After about 10 minutes I had to say, “I’m sorry. Have a good day. Bye!” and hang up on him. It should have been 9 minutes earlier.

And speaking of physical therapy appointments, I get to attend my own for a couple of weeks. I picked up a heavy box-no, it wasn’t glass-and strained some ligaments in my shoulder. I have a torture appointmentin a few minutes…

Buck: Brannaman, that is. CG and a friend came over the mountain and crashed here so we could all go and watch Buck work with horses…and people. If you don’t know Buck, look at this, and be amazed, and touched right down to your soul, whether you are a horse person or not.

Kate: was accepted to college. We are all so very proud of her, not so much because of her acceptance, but more so for the fact that she decided she was going to go through the application process and then she followed through on that decision. All the way. It’s a good school, small UNC-system university. If she decides she wants to go away to school, then we support her decision. If she decides to take another path, then we support that decision as well.

Time is flying by. Sometimes I can keep up.


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