it’s about relationships

What happens when you put five introverted chicks in a Budget Inn motel room meant for four?

You thank the universe that AT LEAST one of them is pretty darned good at practicing her extrovert skills.

So, CG, her two baby girls, my baby girl, and I went on a road trip to attend Parelli Horse and Soul. It was a long drive, there were tons of people, etc. etc. but it was worth the time and effort and whatever else. My baby girl met CG’s family, played with the dogs, and the cats, and the baby goat. We went to CG’s new barn, met some of her barn friends-equine and human. This was my girl’s first exposure to CG’s life. She described it to me as “very homey. I like it.” I’m wondering if CG would be surprised by her description.

Time out: my baby girl needs a new name. I hereby declare it to be: Kate. There are reasons for that name, but they aren’t relevant to this.

Anyway, I’m thinking that CG might be surprised that Kate actually said anything out loud. Funny thing is that Kate talked all the way home. About lots of things, and she is very opinionated about them. Who knew? Kate rarely speaks above a whisper. I can speak and hear “Kate” language fairly well, but I’ve had years of practice. As far as the event itself goes, I found myself watching horses go from fear to confidence, seemingly without effort, and there were several times that the tears  came whether I wanted them to or not. For the past couple of years, I’ve also watched Kate start to move from fear to confidence. First in baby steps, now at full speed. It was a lot of information coming at me at lightning speed, about horses, and people, and relationships between horses and people, relationships between people, relationships with ourselves. With myself.

I’m still processing. One thing that CG and I touched on was the relationship between her and me and Alecto. Specifically, what exactly is it that we have in common? The only answer we could come up with was, “Nothing, really.” I think the answer is: each other. We have each other, whatever that means.


Rabbit trail: I have this friend. I met her when I moved here and started working at the same company, on the same IT team, twenty-five years ago.  (Letting that one sink in myself, was it REALLY twenty-five years ago? Can’t be. Then I remember that, Cielo, honey-lamb, Wubby is twenty-two.) Anyway, I think the last time I talked with her was right before my mom remarried, which would have been in the fall of 2008. We’ve exchanged birthday cards, then birthday voice mail messages. She sent me a FB message on my birthday: “We need to catch up.” So, last Monday, I sat down with an ink pen and started writing. Ten pages later I had scratched the surface of the world as I currently experience it. The pages were folded, stuffed into an envelope, extra postage was applied, and it went into the mailbox. It will be interesting to see what happens next.


Back to horses and people and relationships and stuff. Actually, now that I sit here and stare at the computer screen, I don’t think I’ve processed nearly enough to be able to address anything else semi-intelligently…as if.

So, here’s a video someone took at Horse and Soul, Lexington VA, Saturday February 11, 2012. What is impressive about it is that the trainer is working with baby horse while Mama horse stands by and watches.

One more thing: there’s a song in this video that will require tissues, particularly if you’re a mom.


3 responses to “it’s about relationships

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  2. I am surprised that Kate thought my home “homey”. I was surprised to actually hear her speak a few times. I was sometimes amazed that you could understand what I could not even hear when she spoke. I was glad to hear her speak more and more, and my girls liked her. I know one boy who thought she was pretty too. Which tickled me.

  3. Kate has a way of sneaking up and surprising you with something, when you least expect it. She gets it from her Dad. He agrees with you about my being able to understand what he doesn’t hear her say in the first place. Years of practice, I have. (channeling Yoda)

    I noticed the boy too, and Kate may have as well. She blushes easily. 🙂

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