on the passage of time

2011: the year that was, and wasn’t

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January: A wicked snowstorm at Valle Crucis and the profound beauty of all things made new; the mad dash to Santo Domingo, spending the week with the women of Cielo, the residents of the leprosorium, and my fellow travelers.

February: A birthday party for my step-father and a good time with the new sibs.

March: The month trust was broken.

April: Quiet before the storm.

May: A whirlwind, unplanned mini-vacation in the Cardiac ICU. Note to self: do NOT pass out during pre-op.

June: The trip to the DR that wasn’t, and the surgery that wasn’t.

July: The surgery that was, and the trip to Washington DC during the heat wave that was….ridiculous.

August: My girls at the beach;  gaining a new “daughter.”

September: Reconnecting with mom’s family.

October: When my daughter began to accept her beauty.

November: Thanksgiving with the step-family; the realization that I really do have a new family; our other “daughter” leaves, breaking our hearts in the process.

December: Quiet Christmas, the beginning of rebuilding trust; the loss of a cousin who was also a childhood friend to me; and finally, starting the journey back to my true self.

To my family and friends, old and new: let time go lightly.


One response to “on the passage of time

  1. nice. Happy New Year. I love you.

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