doing it anyway

…..getting on an Amtrak train at 3:16 tomorrow morning and going to DC with a group of students from Baby Girl’s school. Don’t know who, or how many, or anything.

And we won’t mention why I probably shouldn’t be doing this just yet, but if you really know me then you know.

And it’s supposed to be insanely hot in DC for the foreseeable future, as if it’s not ever insanely hot in DC in the summer. I know, I’ve been there before in July and August.

But, this is a school-sanctioned, I guess you could say, trip. The coordinator is a guidance counselor, and the focus of the trip is American History, so of course when Baby Girl was invited to go she said yes and ‘mom, can you go as a chaperone?’ How weird is that, when your kid WANTS you to chaperone  their trips? Anyway, I was supposed to go to Cielo in June, but had to reschedule due to a surgical procedure that was supposed to happen that week, only it didn’t. And I am hell-bound (literally) and determined to keep this promise to her.

Funny, but true: today we were out running errands and talking about the trip and stuff. We’re supposed to tour the Capitol, and I said that Congress was in session. She asked what they were doing, and I said: “Trying to figure out that you can’t spend money you don’t have.”

And, SHE said, “Shouldn’t they already know that? Haven’t the seen the debt clock?” She’s 17.

Then Hubby comes home and says something about a compromise bill with 1 trillion in cuts, 1 trillion in new taxes, and an increase to the debt ceiling.

I swear, I used to be really good at mathematics. For heaven’s sake, I took engineering calculus in college for FUN, and aced it.

But, this just don’t add up.

I digress.

If you’re the praying type, please pray for us. For safety, for good health for everyone….and that someone, somewhere in Washington will grow a set.


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