in case anyone notices….

Today, I

  • went to Super Compare and bought a yuca and Dominican beer
  • went to Aldi
  • went to Wally World and got CARDED for buying a pre-packaged margarita (5% alcohol, not quite Nyquil….um, I am FIFTY and need my roots done, like seriously!)
  • watched a movie with Baby Girl (Hunt for Red October….I have a teenage girl who likes cold war suspense movies; she watched K-19 yesterday. Cool, huh?)
  • rearranged the furniture in the living room to make floor space for Wii Zumba and Michael Jackson Experience
  • and am now enjoying my rearranged living room, gearing up for a rerun of Bones at 8:00.

It was a very good day.


3 responses to “in case anyone notices….

  1. I’m sorry. I’m still laughing. And yes, I had to come all the way over here to tell you that.

    • Glad to be of service……

      • Perhaps you could go back and attempt to purchase a large quantity of antihistamines today? Given that it’s the forth and all if you go from counter to counter using different IDs from your household and see what happens. One in particular? Different gender, definitely cardable… heh.

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