CoCo Chanel, Pocahontas, and me


Ms. Chanel


Me? I’m around somewhere. Mostly behind my camera, or driving, or reading, or knitting….

and paying attention.

One of my favorite teachers in high school described me as “Eagle eyes” because I was always watching, observing, but not necessarily saying much. But whenever he needed to know something about someone in class, he knew who to ask.

I guess I’m that same girl, usually quiet, non-obtrusive, but watching and listening.

Alecto and CG are so very different, and at the same time, so very similar. They are both articulate, opinionated, well-traveled, self-sufficient, self-confident, and down right crazy at times. Riotous fun.

Who else but Alecto would bring the wrong chicken, so that we’d have to make a chicken feed run? She went into that feed store wearing someone’s mamaw’s dress, purple socks and orange tennis shoes, and we had to stop her from tasting the salt blocks. She offered to bail me out of jail if I got into trouble on a run into a college town on Saturday night for supplies. She let  CG and I both indulge in her secret stash of Chanel face cream and lipstick. Decadent.

And CG? CG cooked. I’d forgotten how much I love the sound of a pressure cooker. I was twelve years old again, in my gramma’s kitchen, hearing the sounds and smelling the fragrances of country cooking at its finest. Country ham and gravy, beans and cornbread (with onions and chow-chow), fried apple pies, BACON!

We practiced yoga on the back porch. We relaxed in the hot tub. We went to the local tourist trap and braved the crooked house and dressed up in costumes and had our picture taken.

We were, in a word, girls.

I was never very good with girls. It wasn’t that I “did not play well with others”, it was that I never stayed around long enough to make lasting relationships with other girls. These adventures are new territory for me. As CG says, it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

So, here’s to you, Alecto and CG: thanks for letting me be one of the girls.

Petticoat Junction

Front porch swing


4 responses to “CoCo Chanel, Pocahontas, and me

  1. And Ms. Chanel, if you will look closely at that picture, you were indeed living at the foot of the cross!

  2. I think this is the very best blog post about it yet! I am the same with “girls” — never been one of them, always hung out with the guys. But goodness, I loved being there with the two of you for the long weekend. You really are somethin’ Cielo!

  3. I certainly was. And also, I still don’t play well with girls and of course I’m still running with scissors. Florkow doesn’t play with girls at all and she would have been perfectly at ease again this year. Next year she’s on the kidnapping list.

  4. and only at the foot of the cross when I forgot about all that insipid vanity!

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