AlectoBloPoMo 2

You Have died. You are in hell. Discuss.

There’s a joke that goes something like this: A man dies and goes to hell. He looks around and sees everyone standing waist-deep in crap, smoking cigarettes. Old Scratch himself is nowhere in sight. The man thinks to himself, “Well if this is hell, it doesn’t look too bad.” He wades into the crap where someone welcomes him and offers him a smoke. He accepts, and for a moment he lets the cigarette slide gently between his fingers as he anticipates lighting it and taking that first long drag. His neighbor strikes a match and turns toward him, offering to light the cigarette. He leans in, empties his lungs so he can inhale deeply. He hasn’t smoked in DECADES. As he begins to draw breath through the once-banned giver of pleasure…Satan walks into the room and shouts, “All right people! Break time’s over. Back on your heads!!!”

Sometimes what looks like “heaven” is actually “hell”, and the other way ’round in reverse.

Take bikram, for instance.


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