knuckle-draggin’ Neanderthal…..and proud of it

So, back in October of last year, congress-critter Alan Grayson (D-Fl) called Republicans “knuckle-dragging Neanderthals” for not supporting health care reform legislation begin rammed down their throats, unconstitutionally by the way. Can you say “conference committee”???? I can, and that’s not what’s happening in Washington to reconcile the house and senate versions of the bill.

But, that’s not the point.

Evidently, the phrase has taken a life of its own. (Notice that this Neanderthal knows the difference between its and it’s.) Anyone who, in any way, thinks that the Tea Party movement might be onto something is a knuckle-dragging moron. Translation: anyone who exercises his constitutional right to free speech, free assembly, or who dares question the motives of those who were elected to represent THEM, and then do whatever the heck they want once in office, who opposes anything happening in the current administration, is a moron. If I remember correctly, it didn’t work the other way. Anyone who opposed anything the previous administration did wasn’t a moron, he was just exercising those same rights.

And I did oppose many things done by the previous administration.

So, being the Neanderthal moron I am, this confuses me. In a city where you can’t smoke a cigarette unless you stand in oncoming traffic, the government is there to help you properly shoot up.

So, I put it to my kids. “Does this make any sense at all to you?” The 15-year-old, without hesitation, said, “Isn’t heroin illegal?” The 20-year-old said, “Are you serious?” I showed him the evidence. Then he said, “Heroin will kill you.” and “I can’t find the words to even begin to express how absurd this is.” I guess he’s having trouble finding words because he’s a product of public school education, whereas the 15-year-old, who immediately wants to know why the government wants to help people who are breaking the law, is now being home-schooled.

Since I’m a moron myself, I’m having trouble finding words to explain all of this. I have a theory, but it doesn’t quite hold water.

Heroin users need to know how to safely shoot up so they don’t kill themselves right away. Granted, heroin overdose, hepatitis C, or worse, might eventually get them. Just not immediately. As long as they’re shooting up safely, they can still pay their taxes. (Notice also that this moron knows the difference between there, their and they’re.)

The reason my theory doesn’t hold water is this: the same folks who write and enforce this kind of legislation also support abortion. How many potential future taxpayers are eliminated in this country every day? Recent estimates are somewhere between 3000 and 3500. Daily. I could do the math and come up with an annual figure, and then estimate what their annual contribution to the tax base at current minimum wage and federal tax rates would be. But that would just be showing off.

If someone doesn’t do something to stop Washington from spending money like a crew of drunken sailors, we’re going to need all those taxpayers! Maybe that phrase should be “crew of congress-critters punch drunk with power”??

/sarcasm off

The truth is sarcastic enough.

And darned scary.


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