symptoms in some cephalopoda approximating apoplexy

Don’t you love that quote? It’s from “Cannery Row”.


Hubby now has issues with Cephalopods, Gastropods, Bivalves and Crustaceans that caused him to approximate apoplexy yesterday. Darn it.

The culprit was shrimp. Never had a problem eating shrimp before. In fact, one of his family’s Christmas traditions has always been the boiling and consumption of large quantities of them, w/ his dad’s homemade shrimp cocktail sauce. And his dad’s shrimp salad recipe still rates pretty high among the clan.

Saturday he boiled some shrimp and we had shrimp alfredo. Yesterday after church he consumed a few more–I went for the leftover Brunswick stew he made on New Year’s Day, which was delicious BTW. Ever seen the movie “Hitch” with Will Smith? There’s a really funny scene where he has an allergic reaction to shrimp. It was sort of like that, only not as amusing. First he said his throat felt “funny” and thought he was coming down w/ something. Then he started itching a little, and noticed a few hives. In about thirty minutes time the hives were popping up everywhere. We debated waiting it out vs. going out in search of medical attention, and opted for door number 2. There’s an urgent care place not far from the hospital, so we went there. It was closed. Apparently you can only need urgent care on Sunday from 7:00 AM to 12:30 PM.

So, again, door number 2….ER. Fortunately, they take shellfish allergies pretty seriously. Had him in triage in about 20 minutes, then in the “red zone”. They started IV fluids and gave him some heavy-duty steroid something-or-other. It was amazing how quickly his BP dropped to something scary like 65/43 and he was bright red and itching like crazy, constantly trying to “clear” his throat. Then, magic. Steroids went in, and the hives visibly faded. Oh yeah, and Benadryl, lots of it. And an EKG, and oxygen.

Then we waited for a couple of hours to make sure it didn’t come back.

I remember having a nasty case of hives when I was about 5. I don’t remember itching, but I do remember these white blister-looking things, on my arms maybe. He had some on his back that were the size of my hand.

He’s home from work today–supposed to be home until Thursday according to the doctor, but Ron, the amazing nurse that took care of him, said that if he felt better to use his own judgment. He’ll go back tomorrow, probably.

So…no more shellfish, cephalopods or otherwise.


Love is an amazing thing. Yesterday I spent two hours in the ER, watching the one I love get pretty sick, pretty quick, receive amazing medical care and treatment, and recover very nicely. I fed him ice chips, and watched him sleep. Just looked at him, totally focused on him. I haven’t done that in a while, to my discredit.

We were lucky yesterday. Living where we do, with quick access to excellent medical care. We learned something new, something we’ll have to be careful about from now on. If it ever happens again, don’t mess with it. Go straight to ER, or call 911.

And I was reminded, again, of the power, the intensity, of love. How deep, how profound it is.

And how lucky I am to have him.


5 responses to “symptoms in some cephalopoda approximating apoplexy

  1. yes, I love the quote. I’m also really glad he’s ok. I assume he will now carry an epi-pen. You can do without any more reminders to love him well!

  2. I thought you might find this humorous. Yes, I have always loved that quote and the movie, which I consider to be one of the best movies ever made. The cinematography, music, story linies, acting, the seer, Mack and the boys, oh, it is just so good.

    Anyway, I am doing a PhD dissertation right now. My topic is the application of Zen practices to leadership and executive coaching. A bit out there, admittedly, but then again, why do it if you are not pursuing something you believe in. So I was playing with the title and it suddenly came back to me, that statement. And so now, here it is, my new PhD dissertation title: Symptoms of Leadership Approximating Apoplexy: Applications of Zen Practice to Leadership and Executive Coaching. I love it. It says it all.

    • Just when I think about taking down my blog, seeing as how I have been relatively silent, along comes your comment on “symptoms”. I LOVE this movie, everything about it. And your PhD topic is spot-on. In my 20 years of working in computer systems design and application programming, I had ONE manager that did NOT suffer from absolute apoplexy. It drove me crazy! (literally crazy, w/ documentation and everything….)

      I’d love to know how your dissertation goes. And thanks for stopping by. -Cielo

  3. My favorite quote from the film Cannery Row is:
    Doc: I keep thinking about everything I’ve done in my life and turning it around until it means something
    The Seer: I wouldn’t attempt anything so big without someone in my corner who was pretty handy with a sponge

  4. Thank you for loving my favorite movie and quote, and happy to hear your dear one survived his ordeal, I hate that the movie was so badly maligned
    and black listed all because of the haughtiness of one so called star Rachel Welsh, one person should not have that much power.

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