girls just wanna have fun

We’re going to do just that.

Alecto, CG, a friend of Alecto’s, and I are all converging on Hatteras tomorrow afternoon. Last July I was blessed with an opportunity to hang w/ Alecto et. al. at Hatteras and the plotting for this weekend began. Today I’m kidnapping CG and bringing her to my house.

I wonder sometimes, like daily, what I did to deserve the friendship of these women. I’m a very introverted person; making and keeping friends has always been hard for me. Granted, CG and I go way back…to the 4th grade. But we lost each other for something like 25 years or so. Alecto and I crossed paths through CG. It feels like I’ve known her all my life, too.

We are diverse; we are similar.

We are urban, suburban, rural.

We are Yankee, Rebel, mid-Western methodist, southern Baptist, heathen, liberal, conservative, socialist, libertarian.

We are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters.

We are.

And we are gonna have fun.


2 responses to “girls just wanna have fun

  1. Ahoy! From the 40something-year-old child. Drink one for me!

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