on being out of touch

One of the really nice things about living out of my suitcase this summer has been the total lack of contact with TV. It’s a rule that, when in the DR, the TV stays off. There are no TVs at camp, nor was there a TV at Hatteras. So I’ve been blessedly clueless as to what’s been going on in Washington this summer.

Until this week.

Good grief.

The federal government running health care in America?

The president of the United States insulting the entire law enforcement population because one officer dared to do his job and an F.O.B. got his feelings hurt and created a disturbance?

Congress critters considering signing a 1000-page bill, that they haven’t read…wait, this sounds familiar. Health care, or economic stimulus? Does it matter??

There’s a fine line between being entirely clueless and being so overwhelmed with what’s happening that paralysis sets in.

Must find that line.

But, for now, clueless works. As does the ‘off’ button.


3 responses to “on being out of touch

  1. “The federal government running health care in America?”

    They already do to some extent — medicare and the VA. Try to take medicare away from an old person. They will hit you with their cane. And the VA – participant satisfaction with the VA is higher than participant satisfaction with with private health care insurance. And the VA is socialized medicine.

  2. Guess what? I’m not old, have had medicare for over a year and they haven’t gotten a claim right yet. And don’t get me started on my father-in-law’s experience w/ VA.

    Maybe I’m the only person in the country w/ medicare or VA issues, but I seriously doubt it.

  3. You can always find individuals with problems. There are plenty of people with problems with our current health care system. But overall, the public plans are preferred. Here is another reference:

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