Living out of a suitcase

I’ve been doing that this summer. While it’s true that we do try and go somewhere every summer, that’s usually just for a week. Since the middle of June I’ve spent a week in the Dominican Republic with Baby Girl, a week in the mountains at Jesus camp with Wubby and Baby Girl, and 35+ teenagers I know, and another 750 I don’t know, and a week at Hatteras with Alecto and her girls, plus 1.

So, the DR: we built a concrete block wall, one of the kids was attacked by ants, it was hot. But it was Cielo and that’s just fine.

Jesus camp: For the first time in my 5 trips to camp, I hiked Rec Hill every day at least once, most days more than once. The weather was perfect, like early fall in the NC mountains instead of mid-July.

Hatteras: Alecto spoiled me rotten. It’s amazing that people who’ve only “met” in cyberspace can actually spend a week together in the real world and not feel awkward, but I think we managed. I think I may have been on one “all girl” trip to the beach, but we were all related. This was just us girls. We put up a screen house by ourselves. It’s in my back yard now, waiting for me to put it back up and see how it weathered the storms. The screen house had adventures too. The only time we ate out all week was when we had dinner w/ Alecto’s dad at their beach house.  The last time I was on the Outer Banks was 27 years ago and that was Nags Head. Until last week I had never been to any place on the Outer Banks south of Manteo. I have been to other barrier islands in NC; we have bunches. Just not Hatteras. On the way home I stopped by the lighthouse and took some pictures. Also caught a doe and her fawn having breakfast.

There will probably be one more week of suitcase living before school starts back, a week in Todd, NC at the butterfly house.

Where did summer go?


One response to “Living out of a suitcase

  1. The weather was perfect, like early fall in the NC mountains instead of mid-July.

    Wasn’t that just amazing? I had that weather, too, and thought I’d forgotten something about deep south Julys while I was up in Alaska.

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