Bird buddies

From my current perch in front of the computer, I can look through a second story window right into the trees in the back yard where the birds live. There’s a robin looking at me right this second! A few weeks ago we put a bird feeder in the back yard, just off the deck. So far the birds have been a bit tentative in visiting the feeder, but last week they started coming around. One morning there was a momma bird and her baby at the feeder. Baby was on the roof, momma was on the perch grabbing seeds and feeding the baby.

Now the birds perch on the branches outside my window and use them as their staging area for aerial assaults on the feeder. I’m not much of a bird expert, but I can recognize a few species: robin, cardinal, bluebird, nuthatch, goldfinch. All have stopped by the branches, looked in at me to say thanks before heading on to the feeder, then gone back to their nests. There’s also a hummingbird that runs by every afternoon. And of course, the squirrels.

All of the little creatures, stopping by to chat before grabbing their take-out and heading home.

Back at ya, birdies.

And you’re welcome.


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