Excuse me?

So this morning I’m going to see the fibromyalgia doctor and I stopped at McD’s for an “Egg McMuffin” (insert registered trademark symbol here) and I started thinking about how this little breakfast sammich has been a stable of my diet since high school, when I’d stop at McD’s on Lee Highway on Saturday mornings on my way to piano lessons. Then I started thinking about what else I could identify as a constant in my daily life since then, and about how I could maybe write this up into something marginally interesting, seeing that the words are starting to think about flowing again.

Then my husband comes home and says “Don’t write anything bad about the government on your blog ’cause you might get in trouble with Washington.”

Excuse me?

Then he mentions something called The CyberSecurity Act of 2009.

So I go off into the nether regions of the internet to see what the fuss is about.

At the risk of upsetting some family members who read this blog on occasion:


I’d like to think this nightmare will eventually end, that folks will maybe start to understand what’s happening.

I’d like to be able to give appropriate voice to my concerns regarding the current state of affairs in America: I’ve never been able to spend my way out of debt, but I’m supposed to believe that the government can, just because the President says it will be so; I’ve never been afraid to exercise my first amendment right to free speech, but now if I say, or write, anything that is not completely flattering to this administration I am immediately branded as a bigot or just plain stupid; if I hold to conservative values and Christian beliefs then DHS calls me a terrorist, and again I’m labeled just plan stupid because Christians are stupid (just ask most professors currently “teaching” at any state university); All we have to do to end our fear of terrorist acts perpetrated on American soil is to let the criminals out of military prison (so they can do it again), and just try to understand the terrorists, that if we release those prisoners then Bin Laden and his followers will like us??????

Why is it now OK for a Democrat (Rockefeller, D-WV) to propose this bill when it wasn’t OK for a Republican (Coleman, R-MN) to sponsor similar legislation last year? Could it be that the Democrats were opposed to it when there was a Republican in the White House, but now that there’s a Democrat there and a Democratic super-majority in Congress they can silence anyone who disagrees with them?

Nah, can’t be that. Stuff like that only happens in countries governed by dictators, not here in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave….

Maybe it’s because Coleman was so inept a representative that MN had to wake up and elect…Al Franken?


That last sentence there makes sense in this upside-down mess.

Excuse me?


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