some e-mail humor

Last week I took out an ad in the local fish-wrap / bird-cage liner, er, hometown paper, to sell something. Did the whole thing online, and once everything was finalized I got a verification e-mail. Here it is:

This email is to acknowledge your recent order with the Winston Salem Journal &

Order Confirmation Number: 0001314835

Ad Type: CLS Liner

Order Price: $28.00

Ad Run Schedule(s):

14 day(s) beginning on 3/11/09 in

WSJ Winston-Salem Jn (Merchandise:Musical)

30 day(s) beginning on 3/11/09 in

WSJ ONLINE (Merchandise:Musical)

Thanks for choosing us as your adverister!


I assumed this was an auto-reply, but it didn’t say so anywhere, and I was feeling kind of snarky, so I replied to it:

“Thanks for choosing us as your adverister!”

Could you use a proofreader? I’m available.

And I forgot about it….until, this:


I don’t see a job posting for a proof reader but you can always check our website and look under Careers.

Thank you,


I came pretty close to falling out of my chair laughing. There was actually a person on the other end of that e-mail. Now I felt bad:

LOL–I was referring to “adverister” as opposed to advertiser!!

But thanks for the tip. I need to find a job and might be interested in working for the media.

This made my day! Thank you,

Seems it got a laugh out of her too:

Oh NO….I’ll definitely pass it along.

We’re also advertisers on a virtual job fair. On our website, if you hover over the Jobs link near top of our main page, you’ll see a link to the  Virtual Job Fair.

It made my day too!!!

Thanks so much!


Moral #1: It really doesn’t take much to make someone’s day, even when you aren’t really trying.

Moral #2: Doesn’t anyone know how to spell anymore?


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