A friend of ours from high school died last Saturday. He was an architect in Washington DC, a member of the Capitol Hill Restoration Society. He and hubby had been friends since middle school, and I had a terrible crush on him in the 8th grade because he looked a lot like a boyfriend I left behind (well, actually he dumped me) when we moved to Salem.

We knew Eric had health problems. He’d had a stroke a few years back. Hubby and I both know how devastating a stroke can be; both of our fathers died from stroke complications. But, a stroke in one’s 40’s? Not fair, not fair, NOT FAIR.

Here’s to a life well-lived, although too short.

Capitol Hill Restoration Society: At-Large Member: Eric Snellings

As a native Washingtonian, Eric Snellings has a deep sense of belonging and commitment to the city and Capitol Hill. He has been a resident homeowner in the Historic District since 1988, and he and his wife have raised their teenaged children here with the support and resources of the Hill community. An architect by profession, Eric has focused on commercial work and has worked on several projects involving historic buildings and districts. He joined CHRS in 1989 and has been an active member of the Historic Preservation Committee for over three years. He is a past member of the North Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association and current member of the Stanton Park Neighborhood Association. Eric has served as the Secretary for the past year and intends to increase his focus on the quality of life issues for families raising children in the city and particularly on the Hill.


3 responses to “Eric

  1. Eric’s death is a terrible loss for us all. My wife and I have known Eric & his family for many years in the myriad ways that Capitol Hill families are often interconnected (as parents of schoolmates, as neighbors, as civic activists). Eric was a warm, wonderful person, one who is and will continue to be missed.

  2. Agreed. A very hard loss, indeed.

  3. Maurice Shane, Sr.

    My name is Maurice:

    I was shocked to see Eric’s photo in the Washington Post Obit section….Eric & Monica were my landlord at 1351 A St NE [1988-1990]back in the day….Wow, there is a photo of Eric, Monica and my son Maurice Jr. Maurice Jr was either 4 or 5 yrs old…I see the photo in my mind like it was just yesterday…Eric was a really nice person, he will be missed…

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