Since I started this chemistry class my left-brain skills are getting a workout, and my right-brain skills are on hiatus, which means I’m having trouble reading and writing, which is why I can’t seem to get back in the blogging groove. But, hubby and I took a short trip across I-40 to the cell phone store to upgrade everything this morning and we came across something that bugged me so much hubby said, “I feel a blog post coming on” and he was right.

So, here we are on I-40, speed limit is 65. One of the biggest malls in the southeast is here in town and there’s a funky two-lane exit from 40 to get there. Traffic is always a little screwy there because people come from every podunk town within 100 miles of us every weekend to surf the mall. What recession? Anyway, traffic is hosed up, as usual, and we notice this car in front of us, Ohio plates. For some reason, every other car on 40 around here is from Ohio. Why won’t they all just go home?????

Anyway, car had an Obama bumper sticker on it, and the first 3 letters of the plate number were, I’m not kidding, D-U-H. Sorry folks, but I’m just impressed with the new administration. Taxes, what taxes? We don’t have earmark spending anymore, but we can pass a porkolicious crap sandwich of an “economic stimulus”…and I don’t wanna go to some of the items in there that are supposed to get “stimulated”, if ya know what I mean. I could go on with this list….

We’re fussing at this car for holding up traffic. She’s driving about 59 in a 65. So, she pulls into the off-ramp for the mall and we pass her.

She was on a cell phone,  holding it with her left hand. The other had was simultaneously clutching the steering wheel, and a legal-sized manila envelope. Looked like she was reading the address and probably trying to navigate to it with the help of someone on the phone.

I know you’re not supposed to talk on the cell phone while driving, and I try not to do it unless I have to.   She’s doing it while driving on I-40 one-handed w/ a big envelope in front of her face.

Yeah, I know, the bumper sticker is irrelevant, but for heaven’s sake….according to CNN, the smart people voted for our new president, and only old, ignorant, close-minded types didn’t.

I might be old, ignorant and close-minded, but I’m smart enough not to try and drive while holding something in my hand to read while yakking on my cell phone, on the interstate.

Go back to Ohio, please.

And, good grief….hang up and drive.


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