I wonder

…what would happen to me if I ‘forgot’ to pay income taxes?

…why would any adult over the age of 50 think it’s ok to quit a good-paying day job in this economy to ‘start a band’?

…will my hubby still have his awesome sense of humor four years from now?

…are there any high-school teachers left that actually KNOW anything about their subject matter, or do they all just read the answer sheets?

…is there anyone brave, or stupid, enough to stand up to corruption anymore, wherever it’s found?

…does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody even care??


4 responses to “I wonder

  1. 1. Most likely the IRS will notify you of you mistake and how much you owe plus a penalty.

    2. Because they have sufficient investments to fall back on if the “band thing” falls through.

    3. Yes

    4. Yes, but No Child Left Behind is beating them down.

    5. It’s doubtful.

    6. 9:17 pm PST, but no one cares.

  2. 1. So, if I’m a proposed Cabinet member, do I “ignore” those notifications or what?
    2. No, they don’t. That’s the point.
    3. Agreed.
    4. Only the ones that are my age, or older, and there aren’t many of those at our high school.
    5. Agreed. Why is that?
    6. It’s 7:58 AM Eastern, and my daughter cares because there’s a road somewhere in our county that has some ice on it, so school is delayed 2 hours.

  3. BTW, didn’t Ted Kennedy have something to do with No Child Left Behind???

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