It’s a zoo out there

…and in here too!

My brother Buddy the dog is here for a visit this week. He went shopping with me this morning and is the best companion ever. Not that I don’t love my two dawgs, Duffy and GiGi the Land Shark, but Buddy has much better car manners and is perfectly content to sit in the back seat and snooze, unless I go to a bank or pharmacy drive-thru at which time he requests a dog treat from the magic drawer.

So, for the moment we are home to 3 dog and 3 cats. They are fed twice a day, all at the same time so the dogs won’t eat the cat food and vice versa. And GiGi is very territorial and will bite anyone or anything that messes with her while she’s eating, so it’s better if they’re all involved with their own meals and not trying to steal hers.

Today is Wubby’s birthday. He’s 19. Hard for me to believe but there it is, undeniably true. He’s out this evening, took a friend to karate class and is job hunting until class is over, at which time he will take friend home. Community college seems to working out much better.

Little girl had her last exam today for 1st semester of 9th grade, so she’s off from school until next Wednesday. We went by the barn this afternoon to check on Natasha. It’s cold here, and getting colder by the second.

Finished the assignments early for the first chapter in Chemistry class and turned everything in, took my test. I think I could get used to online school. Now it’s time to finish up prep work for next week….I’m going to Cielo!!

Hoping that the house fairy will come and finish moving and storing and whatever so we can feel completely at home here and get the other house ready to lease or put on the market. Strangely enough the housing market around here is in relatively decent shape compared to the country at large, although I’m not sure why.

It feels like I’ve been living in an emotional zoo for over a month and the walls are closing in a little. Moving…not exactly fun, but not horrible either. Just draining, going through 20 years of our stuff, several years of my mom’s stuff; getting Wubby moved from Greensboro back over here, re-enrolled in college; trying to prepare for the work we’re doing next week in the Dominican Republic. No wonder my hair was so grey!

I’m giving myself permission to do absolutely nothing pressing for the rest of the evening. Instead, I’ll maybe sip a glass of wine and consume some birthday cake. Watch a movie. Just chill.

Buddy is feeling a bit stressed and is ready for his mommy to come home. He started shredding toilet paper all over the house this afternoon.

He’s probably had enough of the zoo, too.


One response to “It’s a zoo out there

  1. Y’know, pet sitting has always been one of my least favorite things to do… because I am not, and never will be, “the one.” The pet’s own human. I always feel like I’m disappointing the pet.

    Maybe I project a little. 😉

    Your zoo pictures are great. I particularly like the stealth mode kitty; I often adopt that mindset myself.

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