Wonder of wonders!

We are actually spending the night in the “new” house!

Things are still a mess, at both houses, but we go where the cable & internet connection goes, and they are here now. Cable guys earned their pay, too. They ran the internet connection to the third floor, which took a bit longer than they figured. But it’s done, we can call people, watch Dirty Jobs, send e-mail and pay the bills online.

But, we’re sort of worried about moving the cats, so they’re spending the night in familiar territory. There’s a fenced back yard here, and two of the cats are pretty darned lazy, so I don’t expect they’ll wander any further than the fence. And there’s plenty of woods for them to hunt mousies in.

But that third cat, she’s gonna be a problem for sure. And we’re surrounded by dogs. Big dogs. There’s a great dane that stands well over 6 feet when she’s on her hind legs looking over the fence. Today she’s been checking us out quite a bit. She’s wearing a t-shirt. Weird.

Weird. It sort of feels weird to be here, and at the same time it feels rather normal. I guess it’s because we’ve been moving things in bits and pieces for a while and haven’t felt like either place was “normal”.

I’ve gained a hearty respect for my mom’s ability to run up and down stairs. I’m pooped, and she’s been doing this for 3 years! I’m hoping for some killer calf muscles by January.

Well, I have laundry to finish (already) and linens to put away, clothes that are going to a friend of a friend who lost everything in a fire recently that need to be carried downstairs, a Christmas tree to put up….I did hang a wreath on the front door today….

I’m pooped.

Then there’s the twenty years of stuff still at the other house that needs to be sifted, sorted and sent somewhere.

Scarlett O’Hara said it best: “I can’t think about that now. I’ll think about it tomorrow.”


2 responses to “Wonder of wonders!

  1. I’m laughing so hard my sinuses hurt. It’s wearing a T-Shirt? Keep the cat inside for awhile.

  2. definitely keep the kitties inside for a small bit. You know those cats that showed up at the barn? It looks like two of them might become barn cats! I think it will be a better, more interesting life for them. Is part of the weirdness it being your mom’s house? I could not have ever taken either one of my mom’s houses and made it into my own. I was totally comfortable in her house, always, but it would have never ever been mine. My dad lived in the Coeburn house for years after the divorce and it was still mother’s house! LOL!

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