Can someone trace this post and tell me where I live??

We are living in two separate worlds.

Actually it’s two separate houses, a mile apart. Most of the major necessities of life are at the other house, EXCEPT for our beds and the cable / phone / internet connection, which will move on Tuesday morning.

I’ve done some ill-advised things before, but moving during the holidays….what was I thinking????

Well, for one thing, Wubby would be home from college and I could enlist his help in loading and unloading boxes, etc. Then I remembered, Wubby lives the comic strip Zits. So much for that idea.

It’s December 14. Do we have a tree up? No. Have we done what little bit of shopping we plan to do? No. Christmas cards? Are you kidding…and besides, I got these nifty labels so all I have to do is make a spreadsheet of names and addresses, mail merge it and print mailing labels, plus print return address labels with the new address. Isn’t that a great idea? I thought so. Maybe I’ll get to it after the holidays.

I used to work with someone who loved Christmas so much, she would go shopping on December 26, buy bunches of decorations on sale, decorate her house some more, and have an after-Christmas party. That idea is looking really good too.

My piano is at the other house, as are the music cabinet and the music. I’m playing next Sunday and need to practice. Thought about it this afternoon, then opted for a nap here. We played three piano stuff this morning and it was fun. Three people, three pianos. Even better than the two piano, four pianists thing we did two weeks ago.

Anyway, we absolutely MUST get ourselves settled into one place this week. Or I’ll be settled in one place, behind the glass doors, staring aimlessly and drooling.

Alecto gave me this little writing assignment. Gotta read the story first, but I’ll throw something into the mix. Looks like fun.


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