My mom got married yesterday, in a private ceremony at her new husband’s church. They exchanged their vows in a prayer chapel adorned with his woodwork. I haven’t seen it yet, but it sounds beautiful.

And seems to be a very appropriate place.

Daddy was a craftsman with wood, and glass. He re-worked all of the pew racks in their home church. He built a “treasure box” that the church uses when collecting special offerrings. He built a lectern used by Ruth Graham Lotz. His equipment has been here since he died, but is now on its way to one of my new step-brothers, also a woodworker.

I’m learning, in bits and pieces, about my new family. We seem to have a great deal in common: music, ministry, backgrounds in computers and technology. Next Saturday we’ll all meet for the first time. I’ve been getting to know a couple of my new ‘steps’ via e-mail and Facebook. Connecting through technology.

But, the thought of making new connections the old-fashioned way, in person, is a bit scary. Here I sit, smack dab in the middle of mid-life, having been an only brat until now and, suddenly, I have 5 step-siblings. And their children. And their children’s children. For the first time in my entire life, I have to share my mom with siblings. It feels strange somehow, and at the same time, appropriate, if that makes any sense.

We’ll all meet next weekend, an early Thanksgiving. And there’s a lot to be thankful for.

Life and love.

Family, old and new.


I have to admit that the thought of meeting a houseful of new people scares me. Although no one I say this to actually believes me, I am a shy person by nature. I remember admitting that a couple of years ago, at Thanksgiving actually, and seeing my mom’s surprised reaction. Meeting new people has always been problematic, probably stemming from being the ‘new kid in the class’ more than a few times. New kids are sort of like substitute teachers: they’re not treated very well at first, but the ones that stick around eventually make a place for themselves.

Thank heavens for computers and Facebook. I’m slowly but surely making connections, putting faces to names, making tentative advances to some of these people I’ve not yet met but have something so significant in common with.

It’s strange for me to think of my mom, married to someone else. it took a great deal of faith and courage for her to take baby steps toward making new connections, and those steps have brought her to a new family. She’s connected to a new world.

And, so am I.


One response to “connections

  1. Yes you are. And congratulations on your new family!

    When my mother got remarried it took two years for us to work it out. I was looking for a tax return and saw that they’d filed jointly and had been for two years. Eighteen years later I’m still chuckling over that one (like we wouldn’t notice?).

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