I can’t.

Focus, that is.

ADHD must feel like this. I’m constantly looking for my keys, glasses, cell phone, whatever, when I know I just had the whatever 2 seconds ago.

Usually my glasses are on my head, keys or cellphone in pocket of last jacket I wore.

And it’s REALLY hard to focus on packing for the move.

There’s 20 years of stuff in here that need to be sifted, sorted, boxed, bagged, stuffed and hauled. Where on earth do I start?


2 responses to “focus?

  1. Now see, you don’t want me to answer this because I always start with a great big box of contractor bags… and generally move on to a 20 cubic yard container in the driveway.

  2. You know, I’ve thought about the driveway container more than once!

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