There’s a line in “Coal Miner’s Daughter” toward the end of the movie, when Loretta has a breakdown on stage. She says something like, “Things is movin’ too fast in my life.”

Well. Where to start?

Yep, mom is getting married and will be moving to his part of the world, east TN.

Up to now, I’ve been an only child. After the wedding I’ll have 5 sort-of-step siblings. Exciting stuff for me!

As mom and her Mr. combine households, we’ll be combining households here and moving to her place. Housing market being what it is, we’ll probably lease our place and put it on the market later.

Son is having adjustment issues with college. He says that too much freedom is a dangerous thing. Well, YEAH. Study, study, study. If we can get him through this semester things should be much more interesting for him. He shared his portfolio with the Art Department head. General consensus is that it’s one of the best, if not THE best, portfolio they’ve seen from a Freshman intending on majoring in art. He’ll be in 2 studio classes next semester.

Daughter is trying to adjust to high school while missing her brother. She had the wonderful experience of having to write a term paper for a history class before ever having gone through the process in English class. I hate, hate, hate block scheduling in high school. So does she.

I’m sick of politics, sick of the election, just plain sick.

Shameless plug for Decemberadio. My cuz’ is the lead guitarist. He’s good. Turns out 2 of my new sort-of-step-siblings and their families are crazy DR fans. Small world. DR is playing at a church near here Friday and the 2 “soss” families are coming to the concert. We will be transporting a small hoard of youth to concert as well.

Fibromyalgia has been having a field day w/ me for the past 2 weeks. Thrilled about that.

As Loretta said, “Things is moving fast.” Time to grab hold of something and hang on.

Think I”ll grab another cup of coffee.


2 responses to “adjust

  1. Me too. A cup of coffee and a piece of apple pie please.

  2. If you get good tenants, renting is a nice income – and the maple will still be yours.

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