Seems I can’t stay away from the politics……

Why is Obama insulting his opponent for “fighting for Joe the plumber”?

Why are the people behind Obama laughing about it?

What happens when you take Obama’s sentence mocking McCain and the plumber and change the name and occupation?

McCain’s fighting for

Joe the Plumber.

Doug the technical designer.

Andy the HVAC guy.

Kathy the administrative assistant.

Mike the teacher.

Tim the minister.

Chris the mechanic.

Ann the social worker.

These are my friends, neighbors, relatives. One of them is my husband. No, they don’t make $250,000, but the last time I checked these folks were Americans who want a president to care about their needs, not mock them while the audience laughs in condescension. Some of them work for small businesses that do make more than $250,000 that Obama plans to tax. Will those folks still have their jobs when their employers’ taxes go through the roof?

I don’t get it, but I’m afraid that, depending on who wins this election, I may get it all too well.


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