it speaks for itself


8 responses to “it speaks for itself

  1. It does?

  2. Well, maybe if one is deaf, blind or can’t read, it may need interpretation.

    Odinga promoted himself as the “people’s candidate” and “your agent for change.”
    Obama promotes himself as the candidate for “change we need.”

    Odinga lost his election. As a result, violence broke out in Kenya which forced the government to broker an agreement with Odinga to share power.

    Democratic party spokesmen are saying that if Obama loses this election there will be violence. These are the same people who say that anyone who doesn’t vote for Obama is racist. Is that a threat, an observation or what, exactly? Extortion??

    And I’m not even taking the time to flesh out the rest of the details regarding Obama’s trip to Kenya and his family connections to Odinga. However, it’s all documented for you should you take the time to reasearch it for yourself, which you’ll have to do because the mainstream media won’t touch it. However, once again it gives me cause to consider Obama’s judgement, if not his sincerity when he says these connections are just coincidences.

    Have a nice evening, and thanks for stopping by!


  3. Oh, and there was a reference in the video to possible voter fraud in Kenya BEFORE the elections were held. That’s sounding kinda familiar to me for some reason….hmmm, let me think.

  4. I can’t see it! What is it?

  5. Video…click the play button in the middle of the pic.

    An acquaintance of ours was in Kenya last month checking in on one of the Christian mission projects he supports. The first elected president of Kenya, Daniel Moi, took him and his group to visit a wildlife refuge while they were there. He also updated them on the current state of Kenyan politics and government, and the effects of the political upheaval on the country at large. Disturbing.

  6. ok, now I can actually see it. This morning it was a big white spot.

  7. Not deaf. Not blind. Definitely not illiterate. However, I failed to communicate correctly what I was thinking: it makes a statement, certainly, but not a prima facie one.

  8. MW: you communicated it adequately, and while it might not be prima facie to you, it is to me. Sometimes things that walk, swim and quack like ducks really are ducks.

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