five things that should be logical, but aren’t

1. My little girl was home from school sick last Friday. There’s a nasty cold virus running around these parts and, of course, it jumped on her. She’s coughed until she can’t talk, blows her nose constantly. “Mom, where does all this stuff COME from??” So, last Friday evening we get the obligatory automated phone call from school informing us that our daughter was absent from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th periods. REALLY??????

It annoys me to no end that I get phone calls from school because of the parents whose kids are enrolled in school, don’t show up, and the parents don’t really care where their kids are. It’s called annoying the innocent for the misdeeds of the guilty.

2. As part of the treatment for her cold and our ongoinging allergies, we must purchase sudafed on a fairly regular basis, and we require a higher dosage that is no longer available on the shelf. Therefore, I have to stand in line at the pharmacy counter, prove my identity to the Walmart cashier, sign a state government form indicating that I am NOT a methamphetamine user or dealer in order to purchase a maximum of two packages of sudafed for a total cost of four bucks. See 1. above re: annoying the innocent, or punishing the many because of the crimes of the few.

But I don’t have to prove my identity to vote. Someone else could show up, say she’s me, have her name marked on the roll as having voted and vote. Then when I show up to vote, the roll would indicate that I’ve already voted. Why is that? And why, if I think that showing an ID for proof of identity for voting registration purposes would help eliminate voter fraud, am I labeled a racist of all things??

3. As I mentioned, also 1. above, little girl is still coughing her head off. This morning I asked her if she could take some cough drops to school. Then I thought, I’ll bet she can’t take cough drops to school because they are considered “drugs” due to the zero-tolerance drug policy. Sure enough, she can’t take cough drops to school. Actually, she could, IF she gives them to the school nurse and then goes to the nurse’s office each time she needs a cough drop. Convenient. Zero-tolerance = “you mean I have to think about the situation and decide if it’s breaking policy or not? forget it. policy is applied the same to everyone. no thought required. YEAH!”

These are the same state educators who think it is proper to dispense birth-control pills to little girl, without my knowledge, or give her information on abortion, again without my knowledge.

I guess it makes sense. If I’m so stupid that I can’t dispense cough drops to her, or teach her how to recognize when she might benefit from the use of a cough drop, I supposed there’s no way on God’s green Earth I have the wits about me to teach her about sex in its appropriate context. Even more so in light of our family’s stance on the sanctity of ALL life.

4. I love watching football on weekends, but I’ve learned to turn the volume down. In five minutes Saturday afternoon a commentator used phrases, “football field”, “football game”, “football player”. DUH!!! Was the field going to immediately morph into, what, a baseball field, soccer field, polo field, corn field perhaps??? Was a flue player going to leap onto the field at some point, discounting the band at half-time? Do they even still have bands at half-time, or have we gone completely into gyrating “performers” who have wardrobe malfunctions and are paid millions of dollars to sing badly, make incoherent political statements and teach our children to use profanity in multiple languages and vernaculars?

Relate “football player” back to number 3. and our stance on pro-life vs. pro-choice. The life being terminated is not, nor will it ever be, a puppy or a hydra, no more than the football player will ever morph midway through the game into a shuffleboard player.

A nearby county, urban, has one of the highest infant mortality rates in our state. Our children were born in the large medical center there, the only one in the county with a birth center. The infant mortality rate there has always been higher than the state average and the state officials haven’t been able to determine why. Last week the paper published an article on the changes in the infant mortality rate over the years. The last sentence of the article said: “When parents lose a child to infant mortality, we all lose.”

A few days later a response appeared on the opinion page. The writer wondered why the same isn’t true of each child lost to abortion.

I wonder that too.

5. When I was in college I was really surprised to learn how much I hadn’t learned in high school. More specifically, with respect to the Russian revolution and the rewriting of Russian history after the revolution. Not only did I not realize that the Soviet government had rewritten parts of the Russian past in order to cast a more sinister light on the Czarist rule, I also could not understand how the people of Russia, the people who had lived through the revolution, could let such a thing happen. They knew the truth. The knew the truth was being distorted, and then obliterated. How could they let it happen? How could they just “forget”?

Then I hear the president of Iran say that the Holocaust never happened.

I see what’s happening to our country, and I hear folks from all wavelengths of the political spectrum fret about how things could have gotten this bad when they, the very ones speaking, had their slimy fingers in the middle of the making of the mess.

And it starts to make sense.


3 responses to “five things that should be logical, but aren’t

  1. 1. A lot of kids try to skip. One of yours might, too. Keep that in mind when you get a phone call like that–it’s for parents who care. They wouldn’t do that if they thought the parents don’t care.
    2. Some people make meth. Perhaps you’ll realize how important it is to prevent that, maybe the day it stops your child from making or using meth.
    3. You might be happier the school nurse is in charge of handing out medicine at school on the day she overdoses on Tylenol.
    4. Man, I hope none of your kids ever play football, because you’ll hear that word a LOT.
    Preemptive: If you don’t want strangers commenting on your blog, don’t make it public.

  2. Hi JM…….neat thing about blogs is that bloggers can approve or delete comments. Surprise!

    1. Our county is rural. Chronic truancy is a problem, and the schools know who the perps are. What about contacting those parents and addressing the issue directly as opposed to sending a blanket phone call (or letter, they used to send a letter) to everyone? Zero tolerance. Treating everyone exactly the same, regardless of circumstance, takes the pressure of administrators to directly address the issue. Furthermore, parents who care should have some idea their kids are skipping school, like bad grades perhaps? Then there’s the problem of kids that are shuffled between parents, step-parents, grandparents, second cousins twice removed, etc. and no one in the family knows where they are. Who do you call then?

    2. Yes, people make meth and should be punished for it. Using this same logic, I should give up my 2nd amendment rights because criminals use guns, correct? OK, fine. Let’s pass legislation banning the rights of citizens to own firearms. The criminals are then going to surrender their weapons because NOW they are breaking the law? I’m not holding my breath on that one. Let me ask you, in elementary school when one kid got the entire class in trouble, did you explain to the class that it was logical to punish all of you for the ‘crime’ committed by one student?

    Nothing to say on proving identity to vote, I see. I can’t buy sudafed without proving my identity, but a meth-head can show up at my precinct, say she’s me and vote WITHOUT proving hers?

    3. Gosh, I hope the nurse doesn’t overdose on Tylenol. That could be nasty! Again, let’s not address the individual. The herd mentality is much easier to apply.

    4. My son is in college and is an artist and musician, and my daughter is an equestrian. I can’t think of a single riding event where I heard the announcer refer to the “horse” ring, “horse” riding competition, etc. We knew where we were, for heaven’s sake. Besides, that wasn’t the point, and you know it.

    I’m just wondering, why no comments on number 5? When we forget why this country was created, the “Great Experiment” of America; when we allow the government to make the same mistakes over and over while telling us they are changing things; when we believe whatever Washington or the media tells us, without using our own intelligence to examine, question, test and look for truth; when we allow the government to intrude into our daily lives piece by piece until we can’t tell where we stop and Washington starts; when we take on the “zero tolerance” mindset and treat everyone the same…..we start sliding down the slope from

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”


    the ultimate victory of socialism.

  3. speechless. That was awesome.

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