on Christianity and intelligence

What’s the saying about the two topics you should never bring up in conversation being politics and religion?

1. We were watching ‘Blue Planet’ this weekend. Awesome photography. They were observing the behavior of large schools of small fish as predator fish attacked. The small fish schooled together in a tighter and tighter unit, making it easier for the predator fish to have a nice meal. The narration went something like this: “Scientists are unsure as to the reasons behind the evolution of this schooling behavior. It almost seems like the nervous system of the fish goes haywire, much like the crash of a computer.” Huh? How about this: The small fish school together so that the larger fish can eat and survive AND the small fish will also survive. Looks like a system design to me, and it’s a much simpler, more elegant solution. And what about Occam’s Razor? All things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Just a thought.

2. Sarah Palin is the Republican nominee for Vice President. Many pundits have asked the question “Will Hillary supporters go for Palin?” Here’s an answer I heard: “Well, Rufus, as you know, Ms. Palin does have an appeal with the evangelical crowd, but Hillary’s supporters, being by and large a more educated group of women, will be looking at the issues.” Excuse me?

Throughout history, many important discoveries in science and geography, many beautiful works of art and music, many great books……were created by people of faith, and were created, not in spite of their faith, but BECAUSE of their faith. We all know this. So, here’s the question to ask yourself: when and why did being a person of faith, more specifically, being a Christian, become synonomous with being less than intelligent?

This just scratches the surface of what’s going on in my head and heart these days.


3 responses to “on Christianity and intelligence

  1. I have to tell you, I am loving Sarah Palin. And you know how pro-choice I am, so it is in spite of that. And I’m loving her family, her husband particularly. And I am confounded by our friend Amy’s reaction to her.

    And you, girl, are one smart cookie, no matter what religion you are!

  2. I love her too, and am also confused by the reaction from Amy. The media’s reaction to her is absolutely indecent, and the libs’ reaction points out so many double-standards it makes my tiny-brained head spin! When, for heaven’s sake, did Democrats decide that moms should stay home with their babies??????

    What frightens me is that people don’t realize what is truly at stake here. What Obama is offerring, and what we don’t need, is MORE government intrusion in our lives.

  3. And you know, I’m *really* for a parent raising her child, but that parent can be a father — as is the case in Sarah’s household! How exciting is that! When I had our first, I worked out of the house pt and husband was self-employed and we worked it out so that our kids NEVER had a babysitter, they always had a parent or GP, because that was important to us. Sure, I hope she’s pumping breast milk . . . .

    I do not truly think it will matter who is in office BUT that there are huge economic changes coming and whoever is there will be blamed. But I would prefer someone who’s first instinct in crisis is not to vote “present”.

    It is funny but I was ranting to someone who might or might not be my friend the other day that, really, *I* was the liberal because I was the only person I knew who actually took it upon myself to make the lifestyle changes to bring peace to the world. I think it is true too. As pompous as that might sound, I still think it is true.

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