Lost in the mountains

We’re hiding in the mountains this week, somewhere on the Ashe / Wautauga County line. There’s a creek that runs next to the house. We’re surrounded by wildflowers, butterfly bushes, and…BUTTERFLIES! Hundreds of them. We’ve used sugar water to make friends with them; then they go back to the bushes. At night they hide in the trees so that, the next morning, they can float down to the flowers to spread their wings and dry out before beginning another day sipping from the blossoms.

Interesting thing about the butterflies: when you see hundreds of them from a distance of just a few feet, they all look the same, and they all look perfect and beautiful. When you look closer though, you see the evidence of their daily struggles: ragged wings, missing tails. They live a hard life, these butterflies. But, from a distance or at close range, they’re still beautiful despite their imperfections.

Kinda like people.

Today we tried to locate Elk Knob State Park. We were not successful. It’s a new park, somewhere off of Meat Camp Road. Don’t you love it?? Actually we did locate what is supposed to be the entrance to the park but it was roped off, for some reason. Anyway, we passed it by and continued on Meat Camp until it dead-ended on some other road, where we took a right. Seemed like a good idea, and it was because we eventually came back into NC194 that leads right back to where we’re staying, sort of. We kept going until we found Lansing. Interesting place….drive faster, I hear banjo music.

Of course, we didn’t bring a map. We don’t need no stinkin’ map! Continued following NC194 North, thinking we were headed for Jefferson. Lots of Christmas tree farms, cows, horses, goats, but no Jefferson. Then we hit a place called Sturgills and I recognized where we were, sort of. A couple of miles later we crossed over into Virginia and I knew exactly where we were…..about 25 miles north of Jefferson. Should have gone south back at Lansing. Oh, well. It was fun anyway. We listened to redneck country music on the iPod, told stupid jokes and laughed until it hurt.

We found Jefferson, too. And found our way back home to the mountain hideout.

Now it’s dinner time, ham sammiches for the lot of us. The butterflies are all still busy with their all-day feasting. I caught a little toad and Wubby and I played with it before we let it go. There’s tea steeping in the teapot I found for $8 in an antique shop in Boone on Sunday. The ruby-throated hummingbird that lives here should be making his evening appearance soon. I plan to have the camera ready, but if I don’t catch him that’s ok. We haven’t had any hard-core plans for this week, other than a scheduled trip to the Fresco churches tomorrow to meet Wubby’s beloved, who will be spending the rest of the week here with us.

Just wandering in the mountains, lost and at the same time, found.


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  1. yay mountains=)

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