random rants

Yesterday hubby and I took a brief road trip. The route was oh-so-familiar; we must have made that exact same trip 500 times, up the mountain to Virginia, then north on the interstate to the exit we used to take to get to my parents’ house. Only this time we weren’t going to my parents’ because they don’t live there any more. It was unsettling, doing the same thing we’d done many times in the past, but for an entirely different reason because the old reason isn’t there. What’s that saying, “You can’t go home again”?

If the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” then what does it mean when you do the same thing you’ve already done over and over, knowing at the onset that the result will be different because it has to be?

Sometimes I think funny thoughts.

We went to Virginia to visit my hubby’s brother and sister-in-law. SIL’s father died Sunday morning and we couldn’t go to the funeral today, so we went to the funeral home last night. There was some time to kill beforehand, so we checked out some new construction on the campus of Radford University that hubby’s employer designed, a new performing arts center. We also needed some coffee so we hit the local McD’s and were treated to, ahem, Senior coffee. SENIOR coffee???

I’m rethinking letting my hair gravitate towards its natural state of grey-ness.

Also thinking about our Arizona trip, and a comment I heard Barak Obama make yesterday. Seems he’s embarrassed by Americans travelling in Europe because they (we) expect everyone to speak English, and in his estimation, Europeans who travel to the US don’t expect Americans to speak their languages. There were quite a few Europeans and Asians visiting the Grand Canyon last week. Weak dollar and all that. Funny thing, we didn’t notice them speaking much English. We heard lots of French, German, Japanese, Chinese, and more than a couple of Eastern European-sounding languages. We probably heard more foreign languages being spoken by tourists than we did English, truth be told. I guess those Europeans hadn’t gotten the word from O. about how they were supposed to act while visiting our country. I’m sure they would have obliged had they known they were expected to do so. I hear they really like Mr. Obama.

What else? My blood pressure is up, says the doctor. Right this minute my dog is on the front porch barking his head off. I’m not sure why, because he went out there on purpose. Every time someone opens the door he thinks it’s for him and he goes through. Then he sits and barks because he’s found himself on the wrong side of the door. Well, duh! Nobody asked him to go out or come in. He did that all by himself. So why must he sit and bark, expecting someone to come get him out of wherever he is when he made the decision to go there in the first place? Because he’s a dog. Insanity. I just wanna scream at him to shut his yap and quit going through the door every time it opens but he doesn’t get it, because he’s a dog. I can feel the BP sneaking up.

Then there’s the whole “world going to hell in a hand basket”-ness of the political season, rising gas prices, crisis in the Middle East, yak yak yak. The whole world seems to be going insane.

Now it’s thundering and the dog is afraid of thunder, so I’m going to have to let him in. And I’m going to grab some cold water and a book and go outside and enjoy the cool breeze from the coming storm.

The dog will be inside, barking to be let out.

Two teenagers just came into my house. One of them is mine; the other might as well be. It never occurs to them to ask if flipping the TV on and turning it up really loud while someone else is in the room reading, or blogging……., might be disturbing. What is disturbing to them is that I am hogging the computer right now. How dare me use my computer in my house??? What must I be thinking?

I’m leaving now to go outside. The weather alert is going off, which means the storm coming is a good one. It’s time to enjoy it. Let nature rant for a few minutes, so I don’t have to.


One response to “random rants

  1. oh, I so do get it. Um, a beer, grab a beer and go sit somewhere green and maybe shoot at anyone or thing that comes within forty yards (did I just use my outloud voice again?).

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