Almost graduation day

Yesterday was 8th grade graduation for little girl, and she won an academic medal for science. She earned one for social studies as well, but the teachers on her team decided to spread the joy around and give it to another student. Three cheers for affirmative action and political correctness!!! It was miserable in the gym, as we’ve been in heat wave mode since last week and the middle school gym is not air-conditioned adaquately, if at all. Yepper, here in the sweltering south, a gym with no a/c.

Back to little girl…she’s come a long way this year academically, in spite of public schooling I suppose. Actually, her school isn’t as bad as some, an advantage of living in a rural county. She called me from school Monday and asked me to pick her up early. So I jumped in the car, barefoot, and grabbed the chihuahua from he!!, and off we went. When I got to school I remembered that I have to go inside, sign her out and show a photo id. I went, barefoot and carrying the dog. Yeah, I’m a proud redneck.

On the way home, Rush was on the radio talking about global warming. LG asked me if global warming was real. I said I didn’t know, and I didn’t think the experts knew either because, in my opinion, they would need to have empirical (is that right?) data for more than the last 150 years. Like maybe for the last 10,000+ years, I don’t know. Anyway, it seems that Seattle or someplace on the left coast has decided to ban bonfires on the beach this summer, because bonfires contribute to global warming. Rush started talking about forest fires being much larger and more prolific than beach bonfires, so why don’t we ban forest fires? Oh, wait, because most of them are caused by lightning. Well, let’s ban lightning, alrighty? Little Girl was amazed at the obvious-ness of the argument. Miss Science!

Son had his last exam yesterday, finally. The past two weeks have been dragging for all of us. Graduation is this Saturday, 9:00 AM. He nailed the guinea-pig year of the new state-mandated senior graduation project. Thank heavens. Saturday is party day, complete with Lexington NC barbecue and family to help celebrate. It hasn’t hit him, or me, that he’s finished with high school. We’re both wondering when the shoe’s gonna drop.

Today has been the last semi-calm day for the next week or so. Tomorrow and Friday are get ready for graduation, Saturday is graduation, Sunday is recover from graduation. Monday is son’s first day at his summer job (student intern at the church). That leaves us about a week to pack for the first major family trip we’ve ever taken, to the Grand Canyon. LG hasn’t flown before, and she’s excited/terrified. I’m dragging the computer along so we can re-book canceled flights, etc. and we’re trying to pack everything in carry-ons to avoid any missing luggage issues. Fun and games.

Life is changing again, quickly. My babies aren’t babies any more. One of them is grown! The other one is officially a high-schooler, with honors assignments to do before August 25. My mom’s gentleman friend has been away from his home this week, but he’ll be back soon. Son’s relationship with girlfriend is rather serious as well.

Changes, changes, changes….


6 responses to “Almost graduation day

  1. you have to tell me about this Grand Canyon trip! You know it is one of MY places! Please get down inside of the canyon, not just the view. And read The Monkey Wrench Gang although I don’t know if it is better to read it before or after being there. Where all are you going??? Not that I shouldn’t fuss at you trying to burn up all the rest of the gas, but then again, the sooner it is gone the better.

  2. Yeah I know it’s YOUR place, but knew you wouldn’t mind if we visited for a few days. We’re going to Tusayan. Actually we’re flying to Phoenix, renting a car and driving to Tusayan, with a stop or two along the way. Sedona, definitely. We have never taken a trip like this before…never done Disney, NYC, Orlando, etc. We go to the beach, Oak Island NC. It’s the antithesis of Myrtle. We’ve rented a house near West Jefferson. Again, very secluded. But our oldest only graduates from hs once. Four years from now we’ll have to do something special again since the baby will be finishing hs at the same time big brother finishes college (she says with her fingers crossed!)

  3. Definitely down into the Canyon, preferably on foot (PLEASE, carry more water than you think you’d be capable of drinking because you will) although I periodically contemplate a donkey ride just for the hell of it. The drive from Phoenix through Sedona and then up to the Canyon is quite lovely. I am not familiar with Tusayan, is it somewhere in between?

    And congratulations to both LG and BB.

  4. Tusayan is the small town just before you get to GC National Park. We will be walking down into the canyon but not all the way to the bottom. And I know better than to get dehydrated. After upteen trips to Santo Domingo without ever getting sick, I goofed up a couple of years ago and got dehydrated. Not a pretty sight.

  5. Oh good! (not the dehydration part) You’ll be coming up on Mather’s Point first and can get out of the car and look into the abyss. I’ve been here a couple of times by pure serendipitous chance and each time have witnessed grown men weeping at the magnitude of it all (I always cry my fool head off).

  6. I’m packing Kleenex!

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