My little brother Buddy

Last Thursday I babysat my little brother, Buddy. He’s four years old and can be a handful at times. Yeah, I know that people my age don’t have four-year-old brothers, but my mom and dad had already made arrangements to adopt him when my dad passed away. So, two weeks after Daddy died, Buddy came to live with my Mom.

Buddy is very precocious, and too smart for his own good sometimes. He loves going on car trips, so I took him with me to run some errands. He’s actually much easier to care for when he’s in the car than when we’re at my house. He loves my dogs and is constantly wanting to play. Unfortunately, my dogs are getting on in years and just don’t have the patience for Buddy. They’ll play for a few minutes, then my dogs go hide and Buddy settles down and waits for my Mom to come for him.

I don’t babysit Buddy very often, so when I do it’s because my mom is doing something important, or travelling and doesn’t want to take him with her, so he stays with me. Last Thursday Mama really wanted to get her house cleaned up and Buddy tends to get under her feet and wants constant attention when she’s cleaning. And he’s afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

Buddy is a papillon. You know…a dog with big ears and a long silky coat.

I’m babysitting Buddy again this Wednesday while Mama travels to east TN for a day. It’s her turn. Last Thursday, and the Thursday before that one, he drove over here from TN. So, it’s her turn to drive over there. Buddy isn’t sure what’s going on, and seeing my mom pay attention to someone other than him is rather confusing to him.  He gets clingy and whiny, he wants to play, he wants to be in Mama’s lap, he is JEALOUS.

I, on the other hand, know exactly what’s going on, and think it’s, well….interesting, to say the least. Exciting? Certainly, for Mama. Weird? Most definitely.

Mama has met a gentleman friend.


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